Welcome People;

For those that managed to stumble upon this by accident; this is the over arching page for all my Godwalker Chronicles games I run.

For those that don’t know, each Godwalker Chronicle game is part of the metaplot in my Unknown Armies world, with each one having an effect on the world, and thus future games. I also hope at some point to run a finale game, with players from each game in it, but we’ll get there when we get there.

So, the following games so far are;

The Rebels Rebellion
Sleeping Under the Golden Arches
The Pinstriped Clown
To Go
What happens in Chicago, Stays in Chicago
Comte’s Hounds
What went wrong

Finally, there is also the Rumours page, this will be updated at all times, and will potentially give hints to the next games, or even be relating to previous actions by players. Or they might even just be curve balls, because afterall, they are only rumours.

The Godwalker Chronicles

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