What happens in Chicago, Stays in Chicago - Part 1

Major Groups -
Mak Attax

Characters -
Eli Lightfield
Jerrod Josiah Baldwin

NPCs -
Comte St Germain

Sally Newcombe
Thomas Valdez

The Statosphere had done it’s work again. It had called those it had needed to where they needed to be. Eli, Jerrod & Kevin all found there way into a McDonalds establishment on the North side of Chicago. Jerrod had been led there through research relating to their missing memorys, whilst both Eli & Kevin were having similar views on the TNI, and had decided to stop for lunch. Kevin didn’t notice/care it was a McDonalds since he was pissed, and Eli stumbled in thinking it was a Burger King, which it had been, until about a week ago.

The store was pretty empty, with only about 4 other customers, and 3 workers on shift. It was the lull before the lunch rush.

The lull was broken by the speeding of a car, heard by the store working Jenny, followed by bullets and shrapnel flying through the glass windows of the store, wrecking havoc and chaos. Fortunatly, everyone expect for one customer managed to escape with only cuts and bruises at worst.

To be continued….

What happens in Chicago, Stays in Chicago - Part 1

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