Comte's Hounds

OOC Running Time – 19/10/2013
IC Running Time – 19/10/2013

Major Groups -

Characters -
Jerrod Josiah Baldwin
Eli Lightfield

NPCs -
Comte St Germain

Overview -

Outcome -
– Currently have bought Hadon along to the mission, has series of rituals and components necessary. Has not yet Aura sighted Compte yet, wants to.
– Killed Twist & Marianne, Henry left with Sleepers minus 1 eye.
– Current plan to talk to Abel with Compte.
Rumours from Game -

Results from Game 2

Compte’s Hounds;

Jerrod and Compte discussed the plan with Abel, which went very well.

The temp body guard then killed Compte.
Bullet had the symbol of the Prometheus engraved in flat side
Abel said would look into who the body guard was

Abel & Eponemyous went to hospital to get the ear removed

Cliomancer with Master charge walking around Chicago, and is charging up from the ground zero

Eli & Kevin went to a Clockworker on the outskirts of town to get the skull. Traded the skull with the front wheels from Stevenson’s Rocket (stolen from British Science Museum). Abel has been warned about the now probably master Mecho in his city

Jerrod pinched the bullet & Compte’s Statospheric Watch, both are locked around his library. Currently Haydon and Jerrod are crashing at Jerrods until morning in UK, and then will discuss with Sleepers about getting access to the secret library to find the “Find the Hidden Tomb” ritual.

Abel currently still has the ear, whilst the gang has the rest of the pieces hidden in The Bar. I believe this is going go down legitmatly. Abel won’t try anything dodgy if he has the chance to ascend. Currently in the process of organising his second.

Jerrod also used “Read Between the Lines” on “The Compte’ is Dead”, and got a resounding No, and saw beyond the Statosphere, to the realm of the Compte.

Comte's Hounds

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